Hannah and Teresa say in the last five years, their mother, Teresa’s, personality has changed drastically since her husband died and she lost more than 100 pounds. They claim she likes to party, date many men at the same time, and drinks to excess – and they fear for her safety.

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Teresa says her daughters need to back off and let her live her life.

The family turns to Dr. Phil for help.

“They’re concerned that you’re drinking too much,” Dr. Phil says to Teresa. “Are you?”

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“Not so much now but initially, I think I did have a tendency to party a lot and get intoxicated,” Teresa says.

“You have a drinking problem, Mother. You do,” Hannah says to Teresa. “Are you really going to sit here and say you don’t have a drinking problem?”

In the video above, hear what happened when the family arrived in Los Angeles before taping Dr. Phil, and why Hannah, Charlie and their aunt Debbie accuse Teresa of buying three bottles of alcohol And on Tuesday, see what happens when Teresa meets one of the men she believes she’s been communicating with online. Check here to see where you can watch.

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