Tricia, a recovering heroin addict, claims she’s been clean for the past three years. Recently out of prison, she says she wants to regain custody of her two daughters but claims her sister, Christy, won’t give them back.

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Christy was given legal custody of Tricia’s two daughters, ages nine and 13 when Tricia was serving time in prison for reckless homicide. She claims she’s raised her nieces for most of the last six years and refuses to give them up now. Christy claims Tricia isn’t sober or stable enough to have her daughters back.

“The record shows she’s actually been sober for three years,” Dr. Phil tells Christy in part one of a two-part episode airing Wednesday.

“You said that she had no job, we’ve talked to her employer, she’s had a job for nine months, she’s been promoted to supervisor, and they couldn’t say enough good things about her,” he continues.

Listing several more of Tricia’s accomplishments since her release from prison, Dr. Phil tells Christy, “You have to admit she is pretty stable to get through that.”

Why does Christy continue to claim that her sister has done nothing to prove she deserves to get her children back?

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