Sarah says she has a “lying addiction.” She admits that she has lied about having terminal cancer and muscular dystrophy, and that she had a husband and young daughter. She says every friendship she starts is based on lies.

After Sarah is confronted by three former friends who say they feel violated, betrayed and angry, Dr. Phil takes Sarah to task about her behavior.

“What do you know about yourself that is not apparent, that makes you know that you need to steal attention, steal affection, steal effort?" Dr. Phil asks Sarah on Wednesday’s episode. "What is it that you know about yourself that makes you aware that you could never get that by being you?”

“I’m just a really lonely person, and I just have a hard time making friends, and people have never liked me for who I am,” she replies.

“This is beyond, ‘I’m lonely,’” Dr. Phil says. “What is it about you that you that know that makes you so disgusting that people won’t have anything to do with you?”

Hear Sarah’s response in the video above.

On Wednesday, see what happens when Sarah comes face-to-face with three former friends. And on Monday, another former friend who is a cancer survivor confronts her. Is Sarah finally ready to change her ways? Check here to see where you can watch.