Jon Taffer, author of the new book “Don’t ******** Yourself, Crush The Excuses That Are Holding You Back,” says there are six major excuses that people use that can keep them from living the lives they desire: fear, time, knowledge, circumstance, ego, and scarcity. He says that people must understand the excuses they use in order to make changes in their life.

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“What Jon’s saying here is embrace the excuses,” Dr. Phil says to parents, Jim and Karen, and their 31-year-old son, Kyle. The parents admit to supporting their son even though they claim he is violent and refuses to leave their home. However, Kyle says his parents aren’t doing enough to help him get on his own two feet. “You have to say, ‘This is an excuse. I’m giving myself an excuse to not change.’ That’s the number one chapter in here, embrace the excuses. And none of the three of you are doing that.”

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Taffer addresses Jim and Karen. “He knows that excuse number one is his weapon. He can use fear to manipulate you, and he does it even when it isn’t real,” he says. To Kyle, Taffer continues, “You lied to them to create fear because it serves you well.”

Hear more in the video above. And on Tuesday, is Kyle willing to stop pointing the finger and turn his life around? Will he finally move out of his parents’ home? Check here to see where you can watch.

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