Bill and Jen claim their daughters, Emma and Meredith, are both addicted to marijuana, but the teenagers say that’s not true.

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Emma, 18, who says she suffers from anxiety and depression, claims marijuana is her “medicine,” and says she smokes “weed” because it allows her to “function on a normal level.”

Meredith,16, admits she smokes several times a day, and like her sister, denies being addicted.

The young women's’ parents also report multiple behavior and discipline issues with their daughters that they say include lying, stealing, joy-riding, and violent behavior toward each other and others’ in the family.

“What you’ve got here - no matter how we got here - you’ve got girls here that are addicted,” Dr. Phil tells Bill and Jen on part two of a two-part episode airing Thursday.

“And until that gets dealt with, there’s not going to be a healthy turn in this situation.”

Dr. Phil refers Bill and Jen to Origins Behavioral HealthCare for dual-diagnoses and treatment of psychological and addiction disorders for Emma, and Center for Discovery, to help Meredith with her alleged substance abuse and behavioral issues.

“You need to be the ones to step up as parents and deliver the plan,” he tells the couple, who acknowledges they’ve had difficulty enforcing boundaries with their girls in the past.

Do Emma and Meredith agree to go into separate treatment facilities?

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