Megan says her ex-boyfriend Andy is trying to replace her as their 5-year-old son’s mother with his fiancée, Caitlin. Megan claims Andy lied to the judge and falsely painted her as an unfit, unstable, drug addict, and the judge believed him and ordered her to have supervised visitation with their son.

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Megan told Dr. Phil producers that the guardian ad litem appointed to their case was supportive of her and didn’t think it was necessary to have supervised visitation.

In the video above from Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil reads excerpts from the guardian ad litem’s report, which paint a different picture. And, Dr. Phil asks Megan why she hasn’t done some basic requirements in an effort to have her son back in her life.

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On Tuesday, will Megan stop blaming others and listen to what it will take to be in her son’s life? Check here to see where you can watch.

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