Ann Marie says she has “an immediate reaction of anger” to the crunching, chewing, jaw cracking noises her fiancé, Jimmy, makes when he eats. He recently called off his engagement to Ann Marie saying he’s done living with her nagging and angry outbursts.

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Ann Marie claims Jimmy is disrespectful. She claims he calls her names, dismisses her opinions, rages, has a problem with alcohol and has sometimes “picked up” other women when they fight.

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“If you don’t like the situation, you either fix it or leave,” says Dr. Phil, adding, “You never fix a problem in your relationship by turning away from your partner.”

Does Jimmy say he’s committed to saving his relationship with Ann Marie? Plus, find out if Ann Marie accepts when Dr. Phil refers her to Onsite.

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Woman Says Fiancé’s Eating Noises Give Her ‘An Immediate Reaction Of Anger’