Fifteen-year-old Nicolette says that in an ideal world, she would want her mother, Nina, to give her $10,000 a month in allowance, so she could buy whatever she wants on Rodeo Drive. But she says that her mom recently lowered her allowance from $5,000 a month to $1,000, and she doesn’t know how her mom expects her to live, so she turned to Dr. Phil for help.

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“She works all the time. She doesn’t do anything for me. She doesn’t drive me anywhere,” the teen tells Dr. Phil. “Other people would have their moms, like, drive them places, buy them food, make them food, but I have to do everything myself and I need the funds for that.”

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Joel, a family friend of Nicolette and Nina, recently moved into their house to watch Nicolette’s spending and to help chauffeur her. He says the teen is demanding, stomps her feet until she gets her way and “uses the word peasant a lot to describe people who are below her.”

Nina responds to her daughter’s behavior. “I’ve created a Beverly Hills brat,” she says to Dr. Phil in the video above. “I think I made her that way.”

“You raised me; you should have done better,” Nicolette tells her mother.

“What do you think she should have done that she didn’t do?” Dr. Phil asks the teen.

“I was never loved as a child,” she replies, breaking into tears. “She says that she cares about me but still, as a child, I was never loved. She just gave me money.”

See more of their interaction in the video above. And on Friday, see what happens when Dr. Phil sends Nicolette on a special assignment near Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Check here to see where you can watch.

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