Angie claims her former stepfather, Ralph, sexually abused her. Ralph insists Angie is lying.

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When Dr. Phil asks Ralph if he ever boasted to anyone about what he is accused of doing to Angie, he denies it. But Angie’s husband, Rich, claims that before he married her, Ralph bragged - to him - about having his way with her.

“You said you’d had her in ways that I as a husband never will,” says Rich to Ralph. “It’s creepy, and it took me back,” he continues. Rich says Ralph’s alleged words to him “put the brakes” on his marriage to Angie. Angie says Rich even called off their engagement for a while, because of Ralph’s words to him.

“I don’t remember that conversation,” says Ralph. “I never said anything like that, and I never said anything like that to you … So help me God.”

Ralph adamantly denies the conversation ever took place. He says Rich is making it up because “Angie was important to him.”

Angie and her daughter Hannah both claim Ralph molested them; an allegation he steadfastly denies. When he takes a polygraph on Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, will the results back him up? Find out where you can watch here.

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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