Desiree claims her 33-year-old daughter, Adrienne, has trashed her house, and every time she cleans it up, Adrienne makes it a mess again.

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“Adrienne had her dogs, and she did not want to take them out to the bathroom. She would let them go in the house,” Desiree claims.

Adrienne says her mother has it wrong. She claims she’s the one who cleans the house. She says the dog mess is because her mom let homeless people live with her and that her mom leaves old food in pots and pans.

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Desiree’s other daughter, Erica, says everyone in the neighborhood knows that the house is the “drama house.” “It looks scary. It smells putrid,” she says. “There’s trash, maggots, tons of food that has been stuck in the pots and pans for days, weeks. Food that has been left out in the kitchen has attracted rats.”
See what the house looks like in the video above. And, hear Dr. Phil’s reaction.
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