Brandon says he’s at odds with his mother, Rosanna, and sister Stephanie because they don’t understand his way of thinking. However, his mom claims Brandon is “obsessed with conspiracy theories” and has had a “total break from reality,” and his sister says she fears he’s delusional.
On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Brandon learns that his mom may have to euthanize her elderly dogs because she has loaned him thousands of dollars and must sell her house, to which he responds, “That’s ludicrous.”

“I was very interested to see whether or not you had any empathy or compassion for your mother and her situation and circumstance, and you showed absolutely none,” Dr. Phil says to Brandon. “You’re not empathetic at all with the fact that you have taken advantage or put your mother in a bad situation.”
Hear Brandon’s response in the video above – and what Dr. Phil says about Brandon's thinking.
On Thursday’s episode, "'My Brother is Delusional and Believes in Conspiracy Theories,'" Rosanna and Stephanie share how they say Brandon is tearing apart their family. Should Brandon reexamine his thinking? Check local listings to see where you can watch Dr. Phil.

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WATCH: ‘That’s Ludicrous,’ Man Says To Mom Who Claims She May Have To Euthanize Her Dogs Because She Gave Him Money