In June 2018, Benjamin "B.J." Eastman’s life was changed forever. After missing for three days, his son, Ben, was found dead in a shallow grave on property owned by Ben’s best friend’s relatives. B.J. says after searching through his son’s social media accounts, he learned Ben’s last contact had been with his best friend, Benny Marquez, the night he disappeared.

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In the video above from an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Wednesday, Eastman shares with Dr. Phil the emotions he’s been feeling.

“I just wish I could’ve been there, maybe played the game a little longer like he asked,” Eastman says. “I just asked myself, ‘You think he was crying wishing Dad was there?’ He knows I’d have died for him.”

“You can’t make sense out of nonsense,” Dr. Phil tells the grieving father. “It’s got to be hard to wrap your head around it, and I can tell you why, because we don’t have the capacity. We don’t have the constructs in our mind to go there. Your range of thought and emotion stops way short of evil.”

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Dr. Phil tells Eastman to find ways to remember his son fondly, rather than focus on his death. “He doesn’t want every time you think about him, you know, to hang your head. He wants you to lift your head up and laugh. Think about him with some joy," he says. "You want to celebrate all of these years that you had him, not the one day that you lost him.”

Hear more from Dr. Phil in the video above.

Marquez and his older brother, Jonathon Adamson, are accused of luring Ben into the woods for a camping trip and then raping him with an object and beating him to death. Both have been charged with first-degree murder, rape, tampering with evidence and unlawful disposal of remains. Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

On Wednesday’s episode, Eastman shares how he learned his son had been killed and what he did to help find him. Check here to see where you can watch.

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‘I Wish They Would Go Through The Same Thing They Put My Son Through,’ Says Dad Whose Son Was Allegedly Murdered By Best Friend And His Brother