“Autumn and I have an abusive relationship, physically, emotionally and mentally,” says D’Andre about his on-again, off-again girlfriend of nearly two years. “Autumn is crazy.”

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D’Andre admits that when he fights with Autumn, he gets physically abusive and has choked her, slammed her on a bed and pushed her head into walls -- and has landed in jail charged with aggravated domestic assault.

He claims that Autumn blames him for “all of her problems,” and that she lashes out toward him.

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“On the night of the incident when Autumn keyed my car, she went through my phone, saw some messages that she didn’t like, kicked me, took my money,” D’Andre claims. “When I left, I took her phone. She followed me … She keyed my car. She has anger issues.”

D’Andre currently has an order of protection against him which prohibits contact with Autumn, but they both admit that they’ve spent time together since arriving in Los Angeles.

“I spend more time with her than I do any other person on this Earth,” D’Andre says. “After you build that trust, you really want to try and make things work, and hopefully, everything at the end will get better.”

In the video above, see what happens when D’Andre comes face to face with Autumn’s dad. On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear more from Autumn and her parents. And on Tuesday, does D’Andre agree to stay away from Autumn, or is he willing to risk the legal ramifications? Check here to see where you can watch.

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