Kendal says he’s embarrassed to be in public with his sister, Treasure, because he claims she is a racist who makes disrespectful comments to someone just because they’re black – even though she is also black.

“I hate to say Treasure’s crazy, but she acts crazy,” Kendal says. “If an African-American walks past us, she’ll say things like, ‘She’s a gorilla, hood rat,’ or, ‘dark-skinned girls are so ugly.’ When she says things like that, I feel offended … I don’t think she thinks of black people as human.”

Treasure claims she’s white and thinks and acts like a white person. She also claims that she is “completely and utterly better than” African-Americans. She says people can be offended by the way she acts and speaks, but it’s her right to freedom of speech.

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“I feel like my sister, Treasure, needs to face reality,” Kendal says. “I encourage Treasure to use her intelligence to move us all forward instead of moving us down.”

In the video above, see what happens when Treasure faces her brother on Dr. Phil’s stage. And, Dr. Phil has a powerful message for Treasure.

On Wednesday’s episode, Dr. Phil introduces Treasure to a life coach. Will she agree to work with her? Check here to see where you can watch.

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