“My mom is a manipulative liar and she’s chosen drugs and abusive men over her children,” claims Cole.

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The young man says his mom, Debra, is the most manipulative, destructive person he has ever known. He claims his mother abandoned him as a child and disappointed him practically every birthday, every holiday, and every day.

“My mom would always use her abusive relationships as reasons why she wouldn’t come see me and my brothers,” Cole says. “My mom’s walked out of my life at least twice a year, every year, ever since I was a child.”

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Debra, however, says there have been a lot of “unfortunate circumstances” that have caused her to miss out on her children’s lives. “I didn’t make it to every birthday and holiday, but I always called, and I always messaged Cole every year,” she says.

Debra claims Cole’s aunt Karin, who raised him and his siblings, made it difficult for her to stay in touch with her children.

In the video above, hear what Cole claims happened last year when he allowed Debra back into his life. And on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when Debra is invited onstage to face her son. Check here to see where you can watch.

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