Taylor claims her mom, Susan, is a compulsive liar who is so delusional that she believes her own lies. The young woman, who claims her mom recently kicked her out of the home, says she’s concerned about her mother’s behavior because she has two young siblings that live with their mom.

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“My mom lies about the living conditions. She says that [the house] is clean and that it’s always taken care of, but in actuality, there’s garbage. There’s animal feces. It smells horrible, and it’s just a mess,” Taylor claims. “She also likes to lie to the kids a lot, says that no one really cares about them. She’ll say that the family doesn’t care or that I don’t care. She says that we want nothing to do with them.”

Taylor continues, “She just lies about anything and everything to get what she wants.”

Susan, however, denies Taylor’s accusations and says that it is actually her daughter who is lying.

In the video above from Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil reviews all the allegations Taylor has made about Susan. Does Susan admit any wrongdoing?

Check here to see where you can watch the entire episode. And on Friday, a voice from Susan's past says he wants to set the record straight. And, hear what Susan's younger children have to say. Plus, Susan allows cameras in her home. What do they find?

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