Celia says growing up, she always felt cast aside by her mother Claudia. She says their house was dirty, her mother was depressed and that she lived off “whatever food I could steal from the dollar store.”

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“Claudia told me that she wished she would have had an abortion,” Celia claims. “She told me to do her a favor and instead of getting on the bus for school, to get hit by it.”

She says because of her mother’s behavior, she has cut her out of her life and refuses to call her “mother.”

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“Claudia is so good at playing the victim. Claudia says things like, ‘Everybody hates me.’ ‘Nobody cares about me.’ ‘I should just kill myself,’” Celia says. “Claudia will always apologize in tears. Claudia never changes.”

Claudia, however, says she has no idea why her daughter is so mad at her -- and claims that she has changed.

In the video above from Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what Claudia did the night Celia gave birth to her first child that “infuriated” Celia.

And on Friday, hear from Celia’s half-sister, Ciara, who was placed in an open adoption, and what she says about her relationship with Claudia. Will the sisters accept Claudia back into their lives? Check here to see where you can watch.

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