Sisters Sydney and Raechel say once they revealed to their mother that her father, their grandfather, molested them, their family has fallen apart. They say that after he was sentenced to 86 years in prison, their mom’s family turned their backs on them and their mom, claiming, they say, that their mom fabricated the accusations. Now, they say their mom, Cindi, is filled with anger and cannot stop reliving the trauma -- and they are ready to move on.

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“I hated my mom. I wanted nothing to do with her. She left and I got stuck with all the responsibility,” Raechel says, referring to when Cindi moved out of their home for three months three years ago. She says she is no longer upset with her because she now realizes that her mom was sick and needed help.

Sydney, however, says she is trying to move on from the past but is struggling to forgive her mom for some of the things she has done. In the video above, Sydney recalls a physical altercation she had with Cindi and shares why she believes she deserves many apologies from her mother.

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On Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil tells Cindi what he believes she needs to do to move past the event and take back her power. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Mother Describes Enormous Burden Of Guilt She Says She Feels Because Her Daughters Were Molested By Her Father