Joselyn says when she was growing up, her mother, Aaliyah, used corporal punishment to discipline her and her younger brother. The 22-year-old says she remembers her mom’s “unpredictable and abusive” behavior starting when she was a toddler.

“My earliest memory of abuse was when I was 4 years old. My mom had locked me in my room and when I was trying to get out, she kicked me in my face,” claims Joselyn.

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Joselyn says when she was 7, her mother punched her in the face and her ring left a knot in her forehead. And she recalls another alleged incident when she was in the fifth grade and her mother hit her with a belt and the buckle struck her eye.

“When she gets like that, she blacks out and she just kept hitting me and punching me,” Joselyn says of the belt incident. “There were a lot of moments where I felt she really even maybe could have killed me.”

Joselyn claims the abuse got worse as she got older.

“In eighth grade, I came home with a progress report that said I was failing. My mother started to yell and beat me, grab my hair, smack me, punch me, hit me with a belt, and then she started pouring a bottle of hot sauce down my throat,” claims Joselyn. “One night when I was a freshman in high school, me and my mom had got in a fight. My mom was drunk and she took some scissors and started chopping my hair off. My neck was bleeding. When she was done cutting my hair, the top was completely gone. It was like a 4-year-old had cut a rag dolls hair. She held me by the cheeks and she made me look in the mirror and tell myself how ugly I was. I remember telling myself that I was ugly.”

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Aaliyah says she relied on corporal punishment because that’s how she was raised. She says she now realizes that the “punishment didn’t always fit the crime” and that she’s changed her ways.

Joselyn says after that, she moved out of her mother’s home.

“My mom knows in her heart that this was not discipline, that this was abuse,” Joselyn says.

On Thursday's episode, Joselyn faces her mom on Dr. Phil’s stage. Can mother and daughter find a way to move forward? Check here to see where you can watch.