Adriana is mother to a 4-year-old little girl who is being raised by Adriana’s mom, Susie, and her husband, Ray. Adriana says this is because she and her mother don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to parenting her daughter -- and claims that her mom and stepdad “threw her out” once she started dating her boyfriend, Matt.

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Susie says that her daughter was a good mother for the first two years of her child’s life, but then she met Matt, whom Susie calls “riffraff” and says is a “bad influence” on Adriana. Susie claims that Matt also was around when Adriana did heroin for the first few times. Adriana and Matt told a different story.

When the family turned to Dr. Phil for help, Dr. Phil took Adriana to task for some of her behavior and offered Susie and Ray advice for what they could do to see a change in their daughter's behavior.

After the show, Adriana and Matt entered treatment for their drug use. In the video above, Adriana explains to Dr. Phil why she was asked to leave two rehab facilities. Why does Dr. Phil question her account of the events that led to her being kicked out?

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