Suzie says she met her husband on a website called She says they wrote to each other for about a year before meeting in person.

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“I knew that I loved him the very first time I met him,” Suzie says. “Steven and I got married in a prison visiting room. We even got to dance, and it was real special.”

Steven is currently serving a 43-year sentence for first-degree assault and is scheduled to be released in 12 years when he is 58 years old. Suzie says although it is her dream to have children and be a mother, they have decided to wait.

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“I do sometimes dream of having more of a conventional marriage,” Suzie says. “I hope to one day have that with Steven when he gets out of prison.”

Suzie’s mom, Penny, says she was shocked to learn that Suzie had married Steven five years ago, and she does not approve of the union. “I’ve met Steven in prison and he seemed nice, but he also seemed like he was telling me everything I wanted to hear. I feel like Steven was manipulating me,” Penny says. “Steven has the personality of a wife beater. He goes into rages on the phone, and Steven sometimes goes months without calling or getting in touch with her because he’s just giving her the silent treatment, and that’s very hurtful.”

Hear more of their story in the video above. And on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Steven. What does he say about his and Suzie’s relationship? Plus, hear about another woman who is currently dating seven convicted felons. Check here to see where you can watch.

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