“I have watched Rachel struggle with her mom’s alcoholism for as long as I can remember,” says 19-year-old Regan.

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The teen says she has known her friend Rachel since they were in grade school and she has witnessed Rachel’s mother, Aundrea, drunk on numerous occasions, including her birthday party, Rachel’s birthday party and even when Aundrea was supposed to drive carpool.

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“Every time Aundrea came to pick us up, she was at some level of intoxication,” Regan claims. “Every single time I was at Rachel’s house, Aundrea was drunk. I’ve seen Aundrea pass out drunk, begging for her car keys drunk, and screaming at her dad drunk.”

She claims Aundrea’s behavior has taken a toll on her friend. “Rachel became really depressed in high school,” she says. “There are so many nights that Rachel came and stayed over at my house because she just couldn’t deal with her mom any longer.”

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Regan says she wants Aundrea to get help so that Rachel can move on with her life. “Rachel has such a bright future ahead of her but she won’t accomplish her goals until her mom gets help, because she is still worrying about her mom,” she says.

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Watch more in the video above. And on Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, Rachel describes what it’s like living with an alcoholic, pill-popping mom. And, Aundrea reveals a secret she says she’s been keeping from her family. Check here to see where you can watch.

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