Sophie says she believes her father, Jerry, is being scammed online.

“My dad is very gullible. I do think he’s lonely. Sending out his money, I think that is a cry for help,” she says. “If these people were real, they shouldn’t have to ask for money.”

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She claims that a few months ago, she heard a phone call between one of the women her father met on a website and her father which raised a red flag for her.

“It didn’t sound like a real person in my opinion,” Sophie says. “It almost sounded like a voice recorder, like robotic. It sounded fake.”

Sophie says her parents have a “toxic” relationship and it’s time they move on from each other. And, she says she wants her dad to “stop falling for the scams.”

On Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Sophie’s mom, Kristine. She claims her husband, Jerry, has been talking to women online for five years and that he has sent them so much money, their savings have been depleted, and that she believes it’s all one big scam. And, hear from Jerry who says he absolutely believes the women are real and he’s even met one of them in person. Plus, on Thursday, hear from one of the women behind the pictures. Check here to see where you can watch.

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