When 20-year-old Haley first appeared on Dr. Phil in fall 2016, she claimed that she was pregnant with baby Jesus.

“I am pregnant, and it is Jesus,” she told Dr. Phil at the time.

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However, her sister, Adrianna, said she worried Haley was either a compulsive liar or delusional because the teen was adamant that she was pregnant with a baby boy who she believed was the biblical baby Jesus and that her own father was rapper Eminem.

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“My sister, Haley, is crazy,” Adrianna said at the time. “She lives in her own little fantasy world.”

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Dr. Phil regards all of his guests as teaching tools to help educate viewers about the realities and challenges of various life situations and at times, mental illness. Dr. Phil also takes their personal stories very seriously and makes every effort to help them by conceptualizing their challenges in keeping with “Evidence Based Therapies” and recommending (and when possible proving access to) such treatment protocols. After speaking with Dr. Phil and getting the results of an ultrasound that showed she was not pregnant, Haley accepted Dr. Phil’s referral to a very intensive inpatient treatment program at a top level psychiatric facility.

It’s been four months since Haley left Dr. Phil’s stage, and now, she returns with a two-part update, starting Friday, February 3. Despite making significant strides toward improvement, find out why her family says Haley came “crashing down” and may now be more delusional and paranoid than ever.

“The shadows and the voices don’t go away. I can’t even sleep anymore,” she tells Dr. Phil.

Watch her update on Friday, February 3 and Monday, February 6. Check here to see where to tune in.

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