When Ava appeared on Dr. Phil, she said her goal was to be insta-famous and that she would “rather die hot than live ugly.” She said she had 40,000 followers which changed her life. Dr. Phil asked her to “get real” and offered his thoughts on her behavior.

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Ava now admits that she didn’t listen to any of Dr. Phil’s advice – and only came on the show to gain followers. “I went on for the sole purpose to become a viral meme. None of what I said was nice to say. I was trying to shock people,” Ava says of her first appearance. “I definitely wasn’t ready to listen to anything Dr. Phil had to say at the time.”

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But the 21-year-old says she’s now changed. “If I lost all my followers tomorrow, I wouldn’t care. Fame is temporary and soul-sucking,” Ava says. “I’m meant for so much more in life than just posting pictures of my butt on the internet for everyone to see.”
Hear more of her story in the video above, including what she says led her to have a “mental breakdown.” On Thursday’s episode, hear how Ava says her life has changed – and her advice for another 21-year-old who says she’s consumed with finding social media fame. Check here to see where you can watch.

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