“My favorite hobby is to shop for bargains and deals,” says Danielle. “I essentially get a rush out of clearance shopping. It’s mostly the thrill of finding the deal.”

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However, her mother, Kelly, claims her daughter is a hoarding shopaholic who buys excessive amounts of goods. “She’s on a blog and they’ll tell her, ‘Oh, today there’s dollar pajamas.’ So, she’ll go and buy 500 pairs of pajamas,” Kelly says. “She recently bought 50 Christmas trees.”

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Danielle, who admits that she has purchased 500-600 Halloween costumes and 3,000 toys says she’s not a hoarder; she’s just good at getting a deal. “I love it because I know how much work I’ve put into going to the stores and getting the deals. It’s a lot of work,” she says.

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Watch more of their story in the video above. And on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear how Danielle’s anxiety is taking over her life. Check here to see where you can watch.

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