Jazmon says she’s had a challenging life. She says as a child, her mother abandoned her and she lived with a relative from ages 6-12. She became pregnant at 17, left her baby with his father three years later and married another man with whom she had a child, and then had a stillborn pregnancy. Now, she has given up custody of both of her kids and claims her relationship with her boyfriend, Mike, has included domestic violence.

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“Your behavior suggests that you don’t like yourself very much,” Dr. Phil says to Jazmon on Tuesday’s episode. “What do you say to yourself about you?”

“I’m a terrible mother, definitely not beautiful like I used to feel. I’m not a good daughter, not a good friend,” Jazmon says. “I kind of just beat myself up all the time.”

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“If you have a damaged personal truth you think, ‘Well, I can put on a mask and be OK.’ But the fact of the matter is you start to generate the results in life that you believe you deserve,” Dr. Phil tells her.

Hear more in the video above. And on Tuesday, is Jazmon ready to change? Check here to see where you can watch.

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