Angela says she can’t stop being unfaithful to her husband, Dan. The married mother of four says the first time she cheated, she was upset with Dan and that she continued her infidelity among other reasons because of his nonstop questioning and accusations.

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“You rub this in his face. What is your goal?” Dr. Phil ask Angela on Tuesday’s episode.

“I definitely don’t rub it in his face,” Angela responds.

Dr. Phil reminds her that she has made numerous social media posts about her infidelity for everyone to see, and reads her posts where she is communicating with other men.

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“You’re a married woman and you’re out here chitchatting and flirting like you’re in high school with your boyfriends,” Dr. Phil says to her.

What does Angela say is her motive for writing these messages? Watch the video above to hear her reasoning. And, is she ready to change her behavior? See what happens on Tuesday’s episode – and hear from Dan. Check here to see where you can watch.

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