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Claiming that Maddie is “absolutely vicious” when she doesn’t eat, her mother, Melissa, says, “Because she has pretty much zero calories in her system at any time, she’s constantly angry.”

“You’re afraid to make the wrong move – say the wrong thing, because she’ll go off on you,” says the 18-year-old’s grandmother, Linda.

WATCH ‘I’d Rather Get Sick Or Die, Than Gain Weight,’ Says Teen

“It’s not that she’s begging for attention,” says Maddie’s stepfather, Greg. “She’s very legitimately depressed, mentally ill – anorexic.”

Maddie says the only thing keeping her from going below 100 lbs. is her family, and claims she’d “rather get sick or die, than gain weight.” She says she has anxiety and depression but insists she does not have an eating disorder.

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“What would be anorexia if what you are doing is not?” asks Dr. Phil.

Watch the video above for Maddie’s response, then check here to find out where to watch the rest of Wednesday’s episode.

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