Collette says she has received reams of documents from people claiming to be “fraud officials” in Mexico regarding her timeshare in Cabo San Lucas and a guaranteed $38,580 “settlement” they told her she was entitled to. Collette admits she has sent upward of $200,000 in “international taxes and fees” to someone calling themselves “Attorney Carlos” over the past two years to try to secure the payout – but has yet to see any of the money she was promised.

Collette says that her daughters, Tywanda and Tiffany, have no idea how much money she’s sent, and if they did, “they would probably come unglued.” Tywanda and Tiffany say they’ve tried telling their mom she’s being scammed – but she refuses to listen.

In the video above, Dr. Phil shows Collette evidence that the “officials” and “agencies” she believes she’s been working with aren’t what they appear to be. When he tells her, “You’ve been lied to,” how does Collette respond?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “An International Timeshare Scam is Bankrupting Our Mom!” airs Friday. Check your local listing to find out where you can watch.

If you live in the U.S. and believe you have been the victim of a timeshare scam via the internet, visit the FBI’s special website: to file a complaint.

WATCH: Woman Spends $200k Chasing A $38k ‘Settlement.’ Her Daughters Insist It’s A Scam

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