Ava recently went viral on TikTok after she posted a picture of herself licking a toilet seat on an airplane on her way to Miami for spring break amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, the 21-year-old admits that she bleached the toilet seat before licking it and created the “fake news” because she was “annoyed” coronavirus was getting more publicity than her. 

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“You then went to spring break and hung out on the beach with a bunch of people,” Dr. Phil says to the young woman, pointing out that she ignored government mandates regarding physical distancing.
“I was fine. I made out with a bunch of people. I was not hygienic. I acted like a degenerate. My immune system was down from all the drinking and drugs, and I should have coronavirus. But I don’t, and no one down there does. There’s not a lot of cases in Miami,” Ava retorts.

WATCH: ‘I Was Really Annoyed That Coronavirus Was Getting More Publicity Than Me,’ Says Woman Who Licked Toilet Seat

In the video above, Dr. Phil, who is filming at his home to respect the government mandate, attempts to explain to the young woman, who has appeared on Dr. Phil in the past claiming she wanted to be “Insta-famous,” that her behavior is selfish and she may be putting others’ lives in danger. See her response.
On Thursday, Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words when he tells Ava the possible repercussions of what he calls her spoiled and entitled behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.