John says he’s convinced his son, Jack, is possessed by demons or the devil. He says the 12-year-old is extremely violent and has displayed unusual behavior that he attributes to an evil force inside his son. He says he’s so concerned his son may harm his family, he wants to have an exorcism performed on the boy.

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Dr. Phil points out to John that there most likely are alternative explanations for his son’s behavior, including mental health conditions and environmental factors, such as his home life. He plays video of John interacting with Jack, where he is seen looming over the child and screaming.

WATCH: Why Father Says He Believes 12-Year-Old Son Is Possessed By Demons

“I can’t begin to tell you how counterproductive this is to a child that is experiencing the inability to regulate his emotions. And what I’m saying to you is this is intimidating and violent behavior,” Dr. Phil warns John. “You’re bullying that boy.”

Watch some of the home camera footage in the video above, and hear Dr. Phil’s message for John. And on Wednesday's episode, see what Dr. Phil thinks needs to happen to help Jack. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Has Father's Discipline Of 12-Year-Old Son Gone Too Far?