Trap and Ashlee say they moved their family from Ohio to Las Vegas to pursue their dreams of becoming professional MMA fighters, but claim internet “trolls” are holding them back and causing major drama in their lives, like getting Trap kicked out of gyms, restaurants, and off an MMA training team.

“On the flip side of things, I’ve gained quite the reputation and popularity because of these trolls, for better – or for worse,” says Trap, who acknowledges he has yet to fight in a single professional match. ”I’ve got a few celebrity followers, a few celebrity friends. People know me all around the world.”

“This is bigtime to me. I’ve made it,” he says, claiming that fight promoters are chasing him so hard “I have to fight them off with bug spray.”

When Dr. Phil says, “You are delusional – When you say you went from a basement in Ohio to the bigtime in Las Vegas – that is just not true,” How does Trap respond? Find out in Tuesday’s Tuesday’s Dr. Phil: “Aspiring MMA Fighter: Social Media Obsessed or Victim?”

And later, Dr. Phil introduces Trap to life development coach and best-selling author Mike Bayer, who offers to work with Trap to help him rehabilitate his image.

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