Celia says growing up, she was raised by her mother who was angry and depressed. She says their house was filthy and she often had to steal to have food to eat. She also claims her mom has been violent with her, told her she wished she had an abortion and that she suggested Celia get hit by the school bus instead of getting on it. Celia now says she wants nothing to do with the woman she refuses to call “mother.”

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Celia and her mother, Claudia, who claims she's made "dramatic" changes, join Dr. Phil on Friday to see if they can start to heal their relationship.

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“You’re giving your power away to her,” Dr. Phil tells Celia. “As long as you’re angry with her, as long as you’re bitter with her, you’re cheating your children out of all of their mother.”

Hear more of his important advice in the video above. And, watch more from this episode here.

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