Maribeth and John say they are frustrated that they can’t seem to control their 15-year-old daughter. They say she steals, skips school, runs away, and now, could possibly be pregnant. They claim they’ve tried numerous ways to reign in her behavior, but nothing has worked.

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“You’ve got a 15-year-old jerking you around like you’re on a string,” Dr. Phil says to John.

He warns the father that he is in a vulnerable position. “If this child decides to go and fabricate some story that you have molested her, beaten her, done all manner of things, the system is designed to believe and protect her,” Dr. Phil says. “And until otherwise proven, you’re not going to be innocent until proven guilty; you’re going to be guilty until proven innocent.”

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On Friday’s episode, hear more about their daughter’s behavior. And, the teen showed Dr. Phil producers a sonogram that she claims is hers. Find out what it reveals. On Monday, see what happens when Dr. Phil meets the teen. Check here to see where you can watch.