There’s a new parenting trend that’s getting millions of views on social media: parents who punish their children, post it online, and watch it explode.

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On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, parents and experts weigh in on this controversial discipline tactic. Bryan says he stands by his decision to make his son run to school in the rain as a consequence for bullying, and Matt says he has no regrets for making his daughter walk to school in 36 degree weather.

In the video above, Donna Tetreault, a former elementary school teacher and now the executive director of Care Fair L.A., an annual community event to teach children and families kindness, compassion and inclusion to proactively combat bullying, and Dr. Charles Sophy, Dr. Phil Advisory Board member and medical director for the Department of Child and Family Services in Los Angeles, share their thoughts with the parents.

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“What you guys are doing, unfortunately, is modeling bullying behavior,” Donna tells the fathers.

“You’re humiliating your children,” Dr. Sophy adds. “I know that you’re coming from a good place, but the humiliation factor is long lasting ... You’ve got to keep your eyeballs open, because it’s going to come.”

Hear more from Donna and Dr. Sophy in the video above, and watch more from this show here.

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7 Rules Of Engagement With Your Child

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7 Rules Of Engagement With Your Child