Joshua admits he told his family that he’s Jesus Christ, but says they weren’t ready for that message. Now he claims they’re persecuting him. Joshua’s dad, Willie, younger brother, Tommy, and ex-girlfriend, Jem all claim he’s delusional. 

Willie says his son dropped out of college, quit the National Guard and went through a “wizard phase” all before announcing that he is the second coming of Jesus. “I think Josh is using this craziness he’s portraying so he can be lazy and not have to work.” He claims Joshua can’t hold down a job “because he thinks he’s above it.”

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“When my brother tells me he’s above work, all I can think is that he’s pretentious and arrogant,” says Tommy.

“My dad and my brother have a definition of work that requires a financial income,” says Joshua. He says he has a job - doing the Lord’s work – he just doesn’t get paid.

“I feel like Josh was lazy. He used spirituality as an excuse to get out of doing a lot,” says Jem. “I feel like all of it is just a bunch of baloney.”

“My Heavenly Father takes care of everything I have need of,” claims Joshua.

When Dr. Phil asks what his plans are, Joshua begins talking about scripture and the Apostle, Paul. Then Dr. Phil reads a statement from Joshua’s mother saying he told her a year ago “he knew him being Jesus was a false delusion.”

When Joshua changes the subject Dr. Phil says “You’re just avoiding, deflecting and filibustering – but I’m just asking you ... Were you sincere when you said that to your mother?”

Will Joshua accept Dr. Phil’s offer to send him for an evaluation? This episode airs Thursday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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