Bryan says he believes that he’s been watched and tortured with a “secret military technology” utilizing electromagnetic energy for years, and that the ultimate goal is to force him to kill himself.

His ex-wife, Fay, says she recently allowed Bryan to move back in with her because he was homeless and she wanted to help him, but she’s ready for Bryan to move on.

“I’ve always been the person who wanted to help – wanted to fix others. It’s just … that’s who I am, and that’s a really big flaw,” she says.

When Dr. Phil says, “You’re not helping him, and you’re hurting you,” how does Fay respond?

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And later, Dr. Phil introduces Bryan to two medical experts with two vastly different opinions as to what may be going on with him. Will either of them be able to help?

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WATCH: Man Claims He Is Being Tortured By People Using Electromagnetic Frequencies

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