Fourteen-year-old Gabrielle says she feels that she and her mother, Kaylie, are so much alike, they’re like twins. “We’re identical, we have the same thoughts,” she says.

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“We are definitely in a situation where she’s like mother like daughter. It makes me incredibly proud and excited,” says 49-year-old Kaylie, who says she’s a professional dominatrix.

But Kaylie’s ex-husband, CJ, and her former mother-in-law, Roseann, say they’re concerned about her influence over the teen.

“Kaylie’s even taken our daughter out shopping for sex toys,” says CJ. “What parent does that, let alone their teenage daughter?” He claims his greatest fear is that Gabrielle is going to follow in her mother’s footsteps, “and to me, that’s just not okay.”

Gabrielle says her dad is a “square,” and she wants him to stop judging her and her mother, who she says allows her to smoke marijuana, have sex and live a “polyamorous lifestyle.”

Dr. Phil introduces the family to Dr. Charles Sophy. He’s a psychiatrist and medical director for the County of Los Angeles of Children and Family Services (DCSF). In the conclusion of a two-part episode airing Wednesday, he asks Dr. Sophy, “What do you make of this situation?”

Addressing CJ and Kaylie directly, the DCSF official responds, “What I make about it is simple: you and you should both be arrested for child endangerment.”

“They’re both breaking the law,” he continues. “He’s passively allowing her to be abused; she’s actively abusing this child.”

When Dr. Sophy tells her parents “You’re ruining her life,” how does Gabrielle respond?

The conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Check your local listing here. 

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