Sadie, Skylar, and Zoe claim their mother, Niki, has chosen her new boyfriend, John, over them. The teenagers say they want their mom to be happy, but also want her to spend more time with them.

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Niki, who recently moved in with John, admits their relationship may have created a wedge between her and her daughters. She claims the girls’ father, Marcus, who she was divorced from four years ago, has turned them against her.

Marcus, who says he recently filed for full custody of all five of the former couple’s children admits he has said negative things about Niki to their kids to get them to choose him over Niki.

“If you ever utter a negative word about their mother to them you’re sabotaging them, not her,” Dr. Phil tells Marcus. “You may think I’m winning the popularity contest today, but these girls need their mother in their life.”

Turning to Niki he says, “And if you’re badmouthing their dad, that’s terrible. These girls learn about men from their father. And if you’re shooting at him, it makes them vulnerable to exploitation from men in the world.”

Addressing both parents, he continues, “So, you’ve got to decide what is it you two want? Not between the two of you - what do you want for your children?”

Dr. Phil invites the former couple to read his book “Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family.”

“I put a chapter in there about families of divorce and blended families and all the things that go on in there,” he says, adding “It will really make you think about the choices that you’re making.”

Chapter two: Special Strategies for Divorced and Blended Families is available (free) to download here.

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