Before their first Dr. Phil appearance, “Should I Marry My Russian Bride-To-Be?", Mark Anthony and his fiancée, Marina, broke up in January 2020 after an argument in which Marina claims Mark Anthony became “verbally aggressive.” Marina, who had been staying with Mark Anthony in Las Vegas, returned to her home in Moscow, and the couple sought Dr. Phil’s help to work out their differences.

Following the program, the couple reconciled and had what Mark Anthony calls a “spiritual wedding” via video chat. Their union lasted six days before Mark Anthony says another argument caused them to become “spiritually divorced.” Marina says that’s when she lost her feelings for Mark Anthony and blocked him from contacting her.

Mark Anthony insists that he loves his ex-fiancée and says he believes that God wants her to become his wife. He says he wants to marry Marina again but objects to her job as a live D.J. because she plays what he claims is “demonic” music. He also says he wants her to stop “showing off” her body on social media.

“You’re selling sex, and I’m not going to let my wife do that,” says Mark Anthony.

“I post attractive pictures on my Instagram because, really, this is the image for my job,” says Marina. “I post my videos and my pictures as I want, and I think it’s only my business.”

What is Mark Anthony’s response when Marina says he has no right to discriminate against her because of her job?

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