Danielle and her siblings, Wendy and Matt, say they are ready to confront their mom about their childhood, which they say was filled with different moves, men, and disappointments, with the hopes that she will finally take accountability for the damage they claim she’s done.

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Dr. Phil helps explain to Janet, who says she has apologized numerous times, what her children need from her. “The perception is these girls just simply did not feel valued. They did not feel tended to. They did not feel that they were a priority with you,” he says. “These children don’t want to spend the rest of their lives beating up their mother. They just need to hear their mother own the fact that along the way, they got pushed to the side more than they should have been. They just need you to acknowledge it’s abusive to them again to deny the reality of what happened.”

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Hear Janet’s response in the video above – and Dr. Phil’s reaction.
On Thursday’s episode, the siblings say Janet ruined her daughter’s wedding day. Will Janet take accountability for her behavior? Check here to see where you can watch.

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