Jennifer says she’s worried about her son, Alex’s, behavior. She says he started exhibiting disturbing behavior at 3 years old, and now, at 12, he’s aggressive, angry and physical. She says she believes Alex’s behavior has been exacerbated since he became obsessed and addicted to playing violent video games – and now, she fears he may become a school shooter.

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“You are concerned that you have a child that might jump from virtual reality to reality and shoot people, and you have over 50 guns, including assault rifles, in your house,” Dr. Phil says to Jennifer.

When Jennifer tells Dr. Phil that her recently deceased husband was a gun collector, Dr. Phil tells her it’s time to take the guns out of the home and sell them.

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Dr. Phil also suggests that Jennifer try Commando Parenting to get Alex’s behavior under control. “We have to go back to basics, and basics are we don’t reward bad behavior,” Dr. Phil reminds Jennifer, explaining that if Alex wants privileges, he must earn them. “The commitment to commando parenting is really, really important.”

Learn more about Commando Parenting in the video above. Is Jennifer ready to commit to making a change? And on Friday, hear what Alex says about his behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.

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