Advice for Overcoming an Eating Disorder

  • Start with little changes.
    Remember that you can't make the big switches necessary to recover from this disorder all at once. And that's OK. Start by making smaller changes that don't overwhelm you.
  • Keep an open mind and be willing to listen.
    Be a willing spirit. No one should have to drag you to recovery. You might have to say to yourself, "I can't trust my own judgment right now, so I need to lean on others and trust their judgment."
  • Set treatment goals.
    You need to decide that you are willing to set some goals. Commit to modifying your behavior in order to reach those goals.
  • Believe you can.
    You have to believe you can do this. Don't let your disorder be a life sentence. Give yourself permission to believe that people recover from this disorder. They do.
  • Be honest about your disorder.
    Don't hide it. As Dr. Phil says, "If you're going to throw up...throw up in front of everybody!" The point is that you need to stop hiding in guilt, shame and deception because they can contribute to the disorder.
  • Accept help from others.
    Add someone to the treatment team. Find an expert to help you get through this.

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