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Patient Bill Of Rights | Dr. Phil

Patient Bill Of Rights

As a patient, you have certain rights when you visit a doctor or hospital. Become familiar with your rights – listed below -- and learn what you can do to prepare for a doctor’s visit.

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Health Insurance Questions Answered

Health Insurance Questions Answered

Are you seeking answers to your health insurance questions? We turn to insights from Rhonda Abdalla, a licensed insurance agent, and spokesperson for to explore the challenges...

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Health Coverage to Stay on Budget

Health Coverage to Stay on Budget

When it comes to healthcare costs, there’s a popular way to get additional benefits and protect yourself from high out-of-pocket costs: by switching to a Medicare Advantage plan.

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Train Your Brain, Have Fun & Unwind with Solitaire Grand Harvest

Even when life feels busy, don’t forget to train your brain just like you exercise any other part of your body!

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How To Have Fun and Help Your Emotional and Mental Well-Being

Making time for fun in your life on a regular basis is really important for your emotional and mental well-being,” Dr. Phil says. “Not only can it help lower stress, but it can also keep you feeling...

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Rebellion Triggers: 7 Reasons Why People Fail to Lose Weight | Dr. Phil

Rebellion Triggers: 7 Reasons Why People Fail to Lose Weight

In The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality, Dr. Phil shares the results of a national survey on the most common reasons why people say their diets have failed. Find out seven...

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Suicide: 5 Warning Signs and 5 Things You Can Do to Help | Dr. Phil

Suicide: 5 Warning Signs and 5 Things You Can Do to Help

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America. In fact, 121 people, of all ages and economic classes, commit suicide in the U.S. every day. According to the National Suicide Prevention...

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Do You Know Your Alcohol Limit? | Dr. Phil

Do You Know Your Alcohol Limit?

Alcohol and bad judgment can be a dangerous combination. Do you think you know when it's safe to drive after you've been drinking? Can you tell when you've reached the legal blood alcohol limit? Dr....

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How to Talk to Someone You Think Needs Help | Dr. Phil

How to Talk to Someone You Think Needs Help

Mental health issues affect millions of Americans. Dr. Phil tells his viewers, "I wish I could tell you that there's a profile where we could predict who was going to become violent and who wasn't,...

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Self Matters Action Plan | Dr. Phil

Self Matters Action Plan

You can't change what you don't acknowledge. You can stop being passively shaped by the internal and external forces in your life. It's time to move your self-concept away from a world-defined,...

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Rebuilding a Parent/Child Relationship | Dr. Phil

Rebuilding a Parent/Child Relationship

If you want to rebuild a troubled relationship with your parent or child but aren't sure where to start, Dr. Phil has advice:

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Discover Your Life Chain | Dr. Phil

Discover Your Life Chain

Just think about where you were born, what family you were born into, and who you grew up around. You simply became part of a long chain -- its links consisting of your parents, your grandparents and...

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