Quiz: Are You a Permissive Parent?

Do you feel your teen is out of control, and you don't know why? Answer this series of questions to find out if you are enabling your teen's bad behavior: 

1) Are bribes common in your household?

2) Do you often make parenting decisions based on emotion?

3) Do you make excuses for your child's poor behavior?

4) Do you cover for your child's mistakes? (i.e. pay fines, do undone homework, pay overages on cell phone, etc.)

5) Does your child often try to manipulate you?

6) Do you ever wish others would change their behavior or attitudes to make things easier for your child?

7) Do you give into your child just to keep the peace and avoid conflict?

8) Do you tend to be lenient with your child?

9) Do you tend to not set boundaries or have trouble keeping them?

10) Do you have a hard time saying no to your child?

11) Do you allow your children to make their own choices or rules?

12) Does your child lack responsibility, self-control or motivation?

13) Has your child become more aggressive and irresponsible?

14) Does your child have issues with insecurity or self-esteem?

15) Has your child become more demanding and selfish?

If you have answered yes to two or more of these questions, you may be too permissive as a parent. 

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