The Authenticity Litmus Test

We all have beliefs and attitudes that shape our views. Now it's time to equip yourself with some clear-cut criteria for authenticity, the standard by which you can test your internal responses. Through this self-appraisal, you will determine whether your perceptions, thoughts and attitudes contribute to your authentic self or pull you instead toward a fictional self-concept.

When you use these questions to evaluate your every thought and perception, you will see clearly how authentic or fictional your internal thoughts are. Respond to these questions, write them out, and save them for future Self Matters exercises. You can come back to this page to do this exercise for all your major beliefs.

1. Enter a thought, belief or attitude that you hold about yourself.

Is it a true fact? Is what you are thinking or feeling verifiably true?

Does holding on to the thought or attitude serve your best interests? Does it make you happy, calm, peaceful and fulfilled?

Are your thoughts and attitudes advancing and protecting your health? Do your thoughts about yourself push you into situations that put your well-being at risk?

Does this attitude or belief get you more of what you want, need and deserve? Or is it leading you toward or keeping you in circumstances that you don't want?

Continue uncovering your authentic self with the complete exercises found in Self Matters.

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