Who's Dating Online?

You may think that men are commitment-phobic, but based on the research, that simply isn't true.

A recent survey of single men dating online found that:

  • 98 percent of men are looking for a long-term relationship
  • 94 percent of men say they're ready to balance both a serious relationship and a career
  • 87 percent think it's sexy to date a woman who earns more than they do
  • 79 percent of men have contributed to a charity in the past year; one in three currently volunteers in his community
  • 75 percent of men say their ideal woman would be their best friend; kindness was rated the most important attribute in a potential partner
  • 58 percent of men have been cheated on
  • 57 percent of men say they believe in love at first sight
  • 56 percent say a girl who sleeps with them on the first date is great, but not the marrying kind

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