A Hoarder Lets Cameras Into Her Home (First Visitor In 14 Years)

Kelli says she's living a "hoarding nightmare" in her house that's filled with receipts from over a decade ago, unopened expired boxes of cereal, hundreds of plastic bags, empty water bottles, expired medication, torn underwear, broken hangers and more.

"Nobody has been to my house in 14 years," says Kelli, whose 14-year-old son has been forced to sleep on the couch since he was 5 so she can use his bedroom for storage. "I want to get rid of stuff but I don't know how to do it," she says, turning to Dr. Phil for help.

Watch the video above as she lets Dr. Phil's cameras into her home, where countertops are barely visible, the floors are covered, and closets are overflowing.

What's behind Kelli's obsession with collecting things? And can she deal with her hoarding issue before her fiancé walks away -- again?

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