Quiz: Are You a Sitting Duck for a Bad Girl?

Are you an unsuspecting sitting duck for a bad girl? Take the following quiz from Dr. Carole Lieberman, author of Bad Girls, and find out! Men: For each item that describes you, circle the "Q". Feelings:

  1. You feel lonely Q
  2. You feel horny Q
  3. You feel depressed Q
  4. You feel bored Q
  5. You feel isolated Q
  6. You feel abandoned Q
  7. You have low self-esteem or a poor self-image Q
  8. You wish that people would pay more attention to you Q
  9. You feel unattractive Q
  10. You feel emasculated Q
  11. You feel shy or insecure Q
  12. You are attracted to drama Q
  13. You put on a façade of invincibility but feel like a nerd inside Q
  14. You have an unfulfilled yearning to be accepted into a cool crowd Q
  15. You have a fear of abandonment Q
  16. You are very trusting Q
  17. You feel competitive with other men and want them to think you're a bigger stud because you have a hot chick on your arm Q
  18. You feel guilty (although you may not know why) and like you deserve to be punished Q
  19. You feel inadequate as a man Q
  20. You feel unlovable Q
  21. You have attained material comforts but feel lacking in inner richness Q

Sex and Relationships:

  1. You have never had a relationship that lasted more than a few dates Q
  2. Your first love left a whole in your heart Q
  3. You have just been dumped, and you're still hurting from this break-up Q
  4. You are still in love with your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife Q
  5. You have had a string of failed relationships Q
  6. You are secretly afraid you're not good enough to hold onto a woman of your dreams Q
  7. You are looking for love but willing to accept sex as a substitute Q
  8. You get distracted by sex and pretend that it's as good as love Q
  9. Your girlfriend just left town Q
  10. Your girlfriend recently moved out of your town or city Q
  11. You haven't had sex for a while Q
  12. You have a girlfriend or wife, but she doesn't treat you the way you want to be treated and doesn't make you feel special or like a big man Q
  13. There is stress or a problem in your current relationship that you would like to escape from Q
  14. You have a desire to rescue women Q
  15. You have felt that you were madly in love with a woman, but can't explain why Q
  16. You have a mad crush on an unattainable movie star or celebrity and are attracted to women who look like her Q
  17. You are attracted to women who look like an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife who you still long for Q
  18. You attract women too easily and would like a challenge Q
  19. You are disillusioned by women and ready to give up ever finding a good woman Q
  20. You have had a dry spell and long to be back in the game Q
  21. You have performance anxiety or real sexual performance issues Q
  22. You have no time to date because you're too busy with work or other commitments Q
  23. You are longing for a family and hoping to share your woman's family Q
  24. You need reassurance that you're not the monster your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife told you you were Q
  25. You are embarrassed to ask friends or family for their opinions or advice about women you date Q
  26. You want to rebel against your parents by choosing a woman they won't like — even if it hurts you Q
  27. You don't want children Q
  28. You are in the middle of a separation or divorce Q
  29. You are a virgin Q

Current Behaviors/Situations:

  1. You sometimes smoke pot Q
  2. You sometimes use other drugs (street or prescription) Q
  3. You sometimes drink alcohol Q
  4. You sometimes go to bars Q
  5. You have an addiction to drugs or alcohol Q
  6. You recently moved to a new town or city Q
  7. You recently started a new school or job Q
  8. You are of short stature Q
  9. You are very poor or very rich Q
  10. You are very young or very old Q
  11. You lost your job or other source of income recently Q
  12. You are a ladder-climber looking for more money or higher status and would be happy to have a girlfriend give you a leg up Q
  13. You like to flirt with danger and live on the edge Q
  14. You get turned away from the hottest nightspots and want a cool-looking chick to help you get your foot in the door Q
  15. You are intrigued by the media's glamorization of bad girls Q
  16. Illness, injury or surgery is making it hard for you to take care of yourself Q
  17. You have ended up in the hospital and were asked for the names of your next of kin Q
  18. You are an artist or writer or other creative type who needs a benefactor or patron Q
  19. It is your birthday month Q
  20. You are having a mid-life crisis Q
  21. You are distracted by pressing situations in your life, such as financial issues, family matters or property repairs Q
  22. You don't lie or manipulate, so you don't know what to look out for Q


  1. You were adopted Q
  2. You were sexually, physically or emotionally abused Q
  3. Your parents didn't give you enough love and attention Q
  4. You grew up in a chaotic household Q
  5. Your childhood home was too boring or inhibiting of you Q
  6. As a child you liked to escape into stories of adventure or superheroes Q
  7. You were raised to be a good boy and not ask questions Q
  8. There were family secrets that everyone knew not to talk about Q
  9. You were competitive with and jealous of your sister Q
  10. You were poor or from the wrong side of the tracks Q
  11. You were picked last or next to last for sports teams Q


  1. Your parents divorced Q
  2. Your father was not around during your childhood or was not emotionally available Q
  3. You were a "mama's boy" Q
  4. Your mother made you feel unlovable Q
  5. Your mother abandoned you Q
  6. A parent became seriously ill during your childhood or recently Q
  7. Your mother or father died during your childhood or recently Q
  8. When you were growing up, you wished you could rescue your mother from a situation that was making her unhappy or ill Q
  9. Your parents remarried during your childhood or recently Q

Scoring Instructions: 1 - 5: You are in mild danger, but not out of the woods. 6 -10: You are in moderate danger; extra caution advised. 11 - 20: You are in serious danger; psychotherapy advised. 21 or more: You are in very grave danger! Do not venture out to the dating front until you have had at least six months of psychotherapy!

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